19 June 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Does my lengthy stretch between posts make me an *official* Bad Blogger?

Whatevs, it's summer. Live with it.

My other blog is also in desperate need of attention, as well. Don't see that happening soon either, unless we hit a serious stretch of bad weather that extends into weekends. We had a pretty helacious storm here today--came on right about noon and was, thankfully, over by 3. The pool re-opened at 4. We returned home around 6.

Yeah--it's like that.

I did manage to do one creative thing today--my oldest niece is having a birthday next weekend, and I've commissioned for a pair of pajamas. I decided to throw in a pair of "slippers" as well--flip flops adorned with strips of the same flannel I'm making her pj pants out of. I've got them mostly finished and plan to work on the pjs tonight.

Right now, there's a 2-year-old sitting on my chair behind me, alternately trying to unclasp my bikini top, rubbing my back, and slapping my rear while yelling "BUTT!" and then laughing. We're teaching him to be such a good citizen.

I've also been investigating running shoes. I've taken up running lately. Here's why--at 15, I could barely, barely run a mile without collapsing, and my best time was damn near 11 minutes. Lately, I've been able to run 4 miles in just under 40 minutes. And that makes me feel kind of like a badass.

The downside is my high arches and underpronating feet, which inevitably lead to shin splints. Very, very painful shin splints. Most of the time I just run through the pain (bad, bad me) but after a run or two, I find I need at least a couple of days to recover (and lately that's not even enough). It's gotten bad enough that just this afternoon, at the pool, the toddler pressed down on my shins while scooting himself off the end of my chaise and it hurt enough to make me scream. I'm also a huge pussy, but trust me, it hurts. So even though my old shoes are barely worn on the bottom, I'm thinking I've had them about a year and it may be time to invest in a new pair. Unfortunately, I'm also cheap, so let the battle between my wallet and my shins begin...

I did FINALLY get a haircut this morning. I decided to suck it up and take my chances at the salon very near my house. And my old stylist was just sitting in there, killing time between appointments. It was like running into an old lost love. I've not been that happy to see someone in a while. I also did step one of my 2-step color this afternoon--so long, gray hairs!

I think it's time to take off this wet suit now before I start to mildew.